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disease & conditions

prevention & wellness

Get proactive and visit us at one of our specialty offices that offer the best medical care. And ounce of prevention rings true throughout our lives.

The pain that is there today is typically more easily resolved the sooner it is treated. And we will educate you as to prevent re-injury/reoccurrence

All information as to your visit can easily be forewarded on to your primary care doctor and or primary care doctor. We pride ourselves in coordinating care with all practicioners.

We offer the best advice and current health news to keep you and your family as healthy and on the run. To complete your daily work day or sports/exercise regimen injury free. You will get a complete education as to your condition and outlined program. Do not be shy about insurance questions or cost issues as all will be discussed in an open frank and most importantly a caring attitude.

long term care

We'll make sure you will have smooth sailing through chronic medical isseus which put your feet and daily life routine at risk. Insuring that the patient is educated to take responsibility for there long term care. Along with continued medical support.

Diabetes maybe the most common issue there are multitude of medical issues that can make your feet miserable and we can help. Arthrities, neuropathy, circulation issues,results of chronic abuse from work or flatfoot


We put your family’s health and well being first. All ages and conditions are cared for.