Complete biomechanical  exam
everyone is made differently. more often then not distinct joint /functional changes will be distinct from one foot to next.

static evaluation
multiple factors will come into this exam and with 20 plus years of experience it comes with an explanation and demonstration as to functional differences between various joints on one foot.  Moreover the difference in similar joints from one foot to the next is discussed and similarly demonstrated.

Running/or daily use shoe evaluation
your shoe will tell a story. Combination of biomechanical evaluation will be verified with existing wear noted on the sole of the shoe. It is always a good idea if you are presenting for a running evaluation or sports injury to bring your old pair. This can give both myself and the patient additional confirmation of the existing pathology so corrections can be made.

training regimen recommendation/education
putting these concepts together with review of the individuals running regimen. And just as important. Is to discuss the patients short/long term running or sports goals. You are paying us to manage your case and allow you to maintain a sport or activity that will keep you happy. If a specific goal is in order a realistic pattern of treatment will be outlined along with probable expectations and time frame to achieve such.


I hope by supplying the videos and taking the time to study them one can appreciate the complexity that exists with walking, much less running or sports. It is commonly mistaken that power from running or walking is generated primarily from the lower legs where in fact the step is and the power of such is generated from upper body. And supplemented with lower extremity action.

All these issues needs to be taken into consideration to resolve and control a more normal walking pattern to eliminate local injury that occurs with each step. Orthotics (arch supports) need to be adjusted while the patient is present to address such things. So if you have had orthotics without success then guaranteed the devices have not been modified to address such biomechanical concerns.

Joint replacement procedures have been another factor that needs to be addressed. The functional or actually leg length changes are rarely addressed by the surgeon but I see all the time its long term influences.

Hope you enjoyed some of the information and it is of some help to you. And have the confidence that we will see all such issues through to a pain free walking day.